Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Howdy from Houston!

Wow! Things have been busy at the Alexander's... we made it to Houston!

Shew. All the boxes are unpacked! I actually sat down yesterday and took a breath. My first impressions of Houston are:
1. HOT
2. Terrible bugs
3. Flat
4. Not pretty like KY
5. No KY sports here or horses :)

Ok, so those are all negative. But true. On a positive note Houston has:
1. Palm trees
2. Shopping (any store you want)
3. Mexican food
4. Great parks
5. Great museums

We have not gotten settled at all other than getting the house organized. This is mainly because we are living with 1 car. Horrible! Craig started his job last week at Texas Children's Hospital, which is the biggest pediatric hospital in the country. Wow! On his first day we dropped him off. Sidney did not want to wake up and was a grump all day. Then when he was done it was her bedtime so you can imagine how that went. I have let him take the car since then. So, we have been stuck in the house. I mean stuck. Nowhere to go and nothing to do. We can't even venture outside due to the 100 degree temps. So our first priority this weekend is to buy a car!

We have been attending a church that we really like and Sidney is going to start a music class there next week. I have signed up for the JR League transfer class and it starts in August. So I feel like we are taking baby steps to meet some people.

I love being home with her and having more time to help Craig stay organized. It's not an easy job! My goal is to post once a week. Someone make me! I will try my best.


  1. Glad to see you all are doing good!! :)

  2. I found your blog through Kelly's and saw that your husband is working at Texas Children's hospital. I live in Houston and know what a blessing that hospital's staff is. My nephew visits the cardiology department and know how amazing their doctors are.

    I just wanted to welcome you to Houston and thank your husband for what he does. It takes a special person to work at that hospital!