Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Buggy on a Budget

I really don't like to tell people that I am married to a Dr. I have heard comments such as, "Oh that must be nice to be rich" and "You are lucky you will never have to work again." Ha! Most of the population fails to realize that the average cost of medical school is nearly 200,000 dollars. And, when my husband is finished he will be pushing 40 and spent 15 years in training. This is the first year that I have stayed home. Our reasoning was that we felt it would be the best choice for our daughter and our family. When your husband works 13 hours a day that leaves you with the bills, laundry, cooking, cleaning, house maintenance, childcare, organizing schedules, car maintenance,going through mail and did I mention cooking and cleaning? Shew. So, I had no time to work. And,when you consider the cost of childcare in Houston my teaching salary was not that beneficial.
It is going to be a long hard road but I am determined to save money. My first goal in our family budget is the food bill. The first thing we have done is cut back (nearly cut out) eating out. It is hard but when you do eat out it's more rewarding! The second thing is to plan my meals ahead of time and spend less money each week at the grocery. I am learning that this takes serious time, effort and planning. Especially since I am not familiar with the stores in Houston. My starting point is to keep track of how much something costs at different stores. Then I will know where to go for the cheapest price on commonly bought items. To make it easier I have picked 3 stores that are closest to my house. I am also wondering what a good realistic budget is to feed a family of 3. Does any one have any ideas of a realistic food budget or other tips to save money at the grocery?


  1. My tip is to use coupons!! I started really using them in Jan and it took a while to really get the hang of things. But now I shop less, spend less, give more to food banks and have more in my pantry. Just because I use coupons. On that note though, I suggest buying two Sunday papers for the coupons. A lot of the best deals are a buy two deal.

  2. New follower! Found your blog because I'm studying to be a teacher and I'm also obsessed with all things Kentucky. Keep up the great work :)

  3. I am in the same boat as you since my hubby is a 4th year medical student and when I get comments like that, I look at them in disbelief, as my husband makes ZERO right now. I juggle many things with working to support us, all house stuff, school myself, and you know best how those long hours can "get to you." I admire you for staying home and it will all be worth it some day, especially when you look back and can enjoy the time you got to spend with your daughter. Thanks for sharing! :)