Monday, June 28, 2010

My sweet baby Sidney!

6 weeks old

4 weeks old

2 weeks old

4 days old

Sidney's Birth Day

As always, way behind on blog posts. Baby Sidney was born on May 13th 2010. This was exactly a week early from her due date.We got to the hospital at 5am to be induced. I was excited, anxious and nervous. I just could not wait to get it over with and have her here! They started the pitocin and the contractions began. Shortly after I got an epidural, which I hated! I am pretty certain that it was done wrong or just did not work. I could feel the contractions but not my legs. Finally after twelve hours of this the Dr decided it was time for a c section. She had not dropped any and they were guessing she was going to be a big baby. I will spare you all the details but the c section was horrible. I could feel them cutting me so they decided to give some kind of drug that makes you have short term memory loss (temporarily.) So I could feel the pain but did not remember it. My husband watched the whole thing. When I finally woke up I did not even know I had the baby. I remember thinking this was not what happens in c sections that I watch on tv! Finally, the next day I was able to be somewhat coherent and hold sweet Sidney. The Dr apologized for the anesthesiologist and so did several hospital administrators. Apparently, my Dr and husband were telling him not to give me the medicine and he did anyway. I am still sad that a day that was supposed to be joyous turned into something I don't even remember. We are so blessed that I made it through ok and even more thankful for a healthy 9 pound baby girl!!!!!!
We got home and about 2 days later I starting feeling like I was going to faint. My already horrible leg swelling had spread to my entire body and was getting worse.I thought it was just normal recovery after a c section. To be safe my husband made me go to the Dr. They did lab work and the next thing I know I was readmitted to the hospital. I cried and cried because I did not know how to take care of a baby if I was going back in the hospital. They told me I had postpartum preeclampsia, which is really rare. My swelling was so bad they were afraid I had blood clots in my legs. Preeclampsia also makes you at risk for a stroke. Luckily none of that happened! I had magnesium for 3 days, was monitored another day and then got to go home. FINALLY! My husband was a saint for taking care of me and the baby. I would have never made it without him! Now 6 weeks later I am feeling fine and baby Sidney is perfect. I am loving every second of mommyhood. This experience has definitely made me a stronger more appreciative person.

Here are a few pics from when she was born. The last one is my favorite (even though I don't remember) it was the first time I got to see Sidney.