Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Baby Sidney Update

We went yesterday for an ultrasound. I love seeing that little girl! I was not surprised when they told me she already weighs 3 pounds and 11 ounces. They said she is in the 78th percentile. They are estimating that she will be at least 8 pounds, probably closer to 9. Are they accurate with those things? The placenta previa has totally moved, which is good. The Dr was very concerned with my weight gain and said I had to stop. Ugghhh! I am not eating that bad I promise! It is frustrating but I am glad she looks perfect and healthy! I will try to post the ultrasound picture soon.

I got my first invite to our baby shower so I feel like it's really getting close! I am glad the Spring will be busy so the time will go faster. I don't know how my stomach can stretch any more!


  1. Congrats! Glad to hear everything is going so well, such an exciting time in that last trimester. Enjoy your baby shower!

  2. Katie, why is your doctor so concerned with your weight gain? And it's totally normal to gain more during your last trimester, because that's when the baby is adding all of her weight. Are you all delivering at Central Baptist? And when is your due date again?

    Hang in there! :) And don't worry, I am sure you and Sidney are both doing fine!

  3. Congrats! I noticed your crib is extremely similar to mine. There is usually no correlation to how much you gain and the babies actual weight. I was never told how much mine possibly weighed but I have had friends who have. One was induced early because they thought her baby was getting too big come to find out it was normal - around 8 lbs. Try not to worry and just have fun - its a very exciting time.

  4. I seriously LOVE your blog Katie...I am so excited about your baby girl Sydney. I just opened up a brand new baby boutique if you need anything for the little is Also as far as your weight gain don't worry...are you planning on nursing...not to get too much in the weeds but I was 113 before having my son and I am 108 now...honestly I hate to be this person but it is hard to keep weight on now...mostly because you are keeping up with a little one and taking care of don't sweat that...anyways love your blog!! Love, MG Oh yeah sorry but if you see anything on the site you like let me know email me at I am really happy to give you a big deal on anything you want on there...the bedding is SUPER pricey because it is designer...I am in the process of cleaning up the site too (I got it from someone else) so please excuse the messiness if you are digging around in there! Love ya!