Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Fun-Texas Style!

Is it really October? I think I am having Kentucky withdrawal! It is at least in the 80's here every day, no horse racing, no tailgating and we are still going to the swimming pool! The trees are palms not trees full of Fall color. BUT we are still having lots of Fall fun. Sidney LOVES pumpkins and get's so excited when she spots one. We have been able to get outside more since it has been cooler (maybe 75!) in the mornings. We found our Halloween costume and took our first trip to the Houston Zoo. We are looking forward to our trip home and our first Halloween here when we return.

Sidney loved the zoo!
Petting the animals was her favorite!
First week of October in Houston. Pretty but very different from KY!
Playing in the backyard. She loves bubbles!
Halloween sneak peak...not so fond of the little piggy...


  1. Counting down until we can hug you two!

  2. Oh her eyelashes are beautiful!

  3. She has the most beautiful eyes. I love it(:

  4. She is too cute for words!! You must be such such a proud momma :)

    xo, Jenna