Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blind dates and birthday parties

This weekend we went to a birthday party for Charlotte and Carter. I met Jordan, their Mommy through JR League. We had a blind lunch date about a month ago. I know that sounds funny but we literally had never met before and had only spoken through email. I am so thankful the date went well ;) We have had fun meeting up at the Children's Museum and seeing, "The Help" kid free! I am looking forward to starting JR league together and more play dates. Charlotte turned 1 and Carter turned 3. Sidney had a great time at the party, which was at the Nature Discovery Center. She loved the bunny and of course the lemonade and cupcake! We realized it was her first time drinking lemonade. She slurped it down!

Sweet girls
Sidney moving in on more cupcake!
The girls look thrilled. This was our best attempt with both looking.
Tasty lemonade!
Happy birthday Charlotte and Carter! Thanks for having us.


  1. MMM nothing better than cupcakes and lemonade! Sidney is just adorable and I love all things monogrammed, so I especially loved her cute little bib! :)

    Glad you had a great time!

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